Follow HIS ways and your ways will be followed

My name is Chris, but my friends call me Sua. I am a follower of Jesus. I find happiness in my family, my friends and my faith. For the longest time now I have committed myself to follow our Lord and become a better person and better Christian. I am not ashamed of my faith and of my God. HE loves me unconditionally so that is why I am HIS unconditional follower. Stay Blessed Everyone.

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God will give him to me, in the right time. :)


God will give him to me, in the right time. :)

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I always wondered how couples could ever keep a convo going with their significant other…Just flat out talking about everything, weither it is about their day or just random stuff…Hours and hours of just talking with someone, NOT texting but talking…I know my relationship is real because I find myself talking with HER for hours, even if I just saw her 5mins ago, I want to talk to her. I was never one to get all like this, but when I talk to her my day just seems to be better.